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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Love from The Netherlands

I feel loved and lucky. Not bragging!
I received this wonderful package from Grandma, Wilma, from the Netherlands early this week. (Grandma said Vivianne actually sent it, and its still all the same very sweet :) )
Waited a while to post this lovely package (laptop keyboard down).

The surprise package includes a vintage postcard featuring a sweet girl dressed like a Little Red Riding Hood. Accompanying it, is a lovely Hug-me-again elephant. :)

This circus elephant is a handmade 'Hug me again' collectible by Grandma's daughter, Vivianne Galli. Its so dainty and well made and gives out a sweet circus-y 'cling cling' sound too when you try to disturb this little dumbo.

I think his name is 'Wally, the circus elephant'. Welcome to Singapore, Wally.

And.. lots of hugs, Grandma & Vivianne ~Chyrl


  1. Aw that is too cute!
    I want one :D I love the whole feel of the package.
    Very old world fantasy to me =]

  2. WOW!! How awesome is that..Lovely!!
    Hugs, Linda